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Why Should You Consider HTTPS?

Posted: 23rd August 2017

Posted in: Latest News

From October 2017, the web browser Chrome (version 62) will begin showing ‘NOT SECURE’ warning notifications to users when they enter text in any form that is one a HTTP website page.

This change is part of an ongoing plan to label all pages served over HTTP as ‘NOT SECURE’, with the aim of encouraging website owners to migrate over to HTTPS in order to help better protect user data that is being submitted online.

What is HTTP and HTTPS?

Hyper Text Transfer Policy (HTTP) is the process in which information is delivered between users online. Hyper Text Transfer Policy Secure (HTTPS) provides an additional security layer where data is scrambled (or encrypted) as it is transferred between users, this process protects the data keeping it safe from anyone in between reading it.

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Benefits of HTTPS

In addition to the security benefits of HTTPS in terms of protecting user information, Google and web browsers are also increasingly rewarding sites that operate on HTTPS as part of search rankings. While it is only one of many search ranking contributors it is still a contributor that appears to be growing in terms of importance, therefore migration to HTTPS is also beneficial to website SEO.

How To Migrate to HTTPS

7thVision can assist our clients that are currently on HTTP with migrating over to HTTPS. We highly recommend that this is considered in order to prevent users from being turned off submitting a contact form or enquiry as a result of a ‘NOT SECURE’ message.

Contact us to discuss further or to arrange for your site migration.

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