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Tips On How To Avoid Phishing Campaigns

Posted: 23rd August 2017

Posted in: Latest News, Online Tips

What is Phishing?

Phishing is the term given to attempts by scammers to trick users into providing sensitive personal information such as usernames, passwords, banking/credit card information and other sensitive information with malicious intent. Generally this is done by those involved posing as trustworthy entities by use of electronic communication.

Phishing attacks are on the rise exponentially and the sophistication of these email, SMS and fake website campaigns are becoming more elaborate and advanced. These attacks can pose increasing risks to users, organisations and website owners.

What can be done to avoid Phishing scams

This article from Securi Blog provides some useful information on Phishing websites, evasion techniques and on how to detect and repair a Phishing attack on your website.

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We are here to help!

If are concerned your website may have been targeted by a Phishing attack contact us and we can investigate to set your mind at ease.

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