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DNS Hosting & SSL

We utilise Cloudflare for DNS management. As well as providing one of the fastest DNS services available, there are many other benefits which make Cloudflare a great service offering:

  • DNS level caching. Static assets are cached and delivered via the Cloudflare global CDN meaning less resource usage on the hosting servers and more capacity for traffic spikes.
  • DNS level security. Many threats are blocked before they can even touch the hosting platform.

SSL Certificates

There are two types of SSL certificate available:

Shared SNI certificate – FREE

This solution will suit the majority of websites. The only downside to this option is that it’s not 100% browser compatible, only supporting all modern browsers. Users on very old versions of Internet Explorer (and some other older systems) may have issues viewing your website. This user sub-section is very minor and will only become less of an issue over time.

Dedicated certificate – $5USD per month

This is the preferred solution for online stores or other websites taking sensitive user information. It has 100% browser compatibility and is the ideal solution if it fits within your budget. Costs are payable directly to Cloudflare via your credit card.

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