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Hamilton Island Luxury Homes

Posted: 24th April 2017

The Client

Hamilton Island Luxury Homes is a collection of luxury, multi-million dollar, prestige homes on Hamilton Island which are available for exclusive holiday letting.

The collection consist of some of the most exclusive private homes on Hamilton Island, all of which have been selected to ensure the highest levels of luxury and the most amazing Hamilton Island accommodation experiences available.

The Project

The brief for this project was to design and develop a new website to showcase the Hamilton Island Luxury Homes collection as well as each of the exclusive properties within the collection.

The brief was to design a modern, sophisticated website with a strong focus on the imagery to communicate the experience.

The client also wanted all the properties to be represented equally and therefore the site was designed to present a new property each time a user entered the site. This allows all properties within the collection to receive equal exposure on a rotational basis.

As the Whitsundays and Hamilton Island is also such a visually inspiring destination we wanted to include a landing on the site that will instantly capture the attention of visitors and provide a welcome that reflects the quality and sophistication of the reflection. To do this a special landing page was created acting as the welcome to the site.

Conversion of visitors into enquiry and bookings was also of high level importance, clear call to action, enquiry and booking links were therefore incorporated into the project as a major consideration.


Whitsundays and Hamilton Island, Queensland

Industry Sector

Tourism, Accommodation



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