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Why Be Cautious Of WordPress Plugins?

Posted: 29th September 2017

Posted in: Latest News, Online Tips, Security

Here at 7thVision we are always very cautious when it comes to the use of plugins and we try to avoid them, or limit the use of them, wherever possible.

There are a few reasons for this are:

  • They can compromise the security of websites and create security holes
  • They can add significant load to the website which can negatively impact site speed and performance
  • They can easily break causing wider issues to the website functionality and performance
  • They can adversely impact the functionality of other aspects of the website, therefore creating other breaks in functionality that are not directly related to the plug in itself

Sometimes it is difficult to explain our concerns to clients who see plug-ins as a quick and attractive way of adding features to their website. However the below article from Securi Blog is an excellent piece on why caution and investigation is so important when it comes to plugins.

‘Fake Plugins, Fake Security’ – Read Full Article

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If you have seen a plugin or are considering adding one to your website please contact us to discuss so we can investigate and set your mind at ease.

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