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Australia's New Domain Extension Is Now Available - .AU

Posted: 10th May 2022

Posted in: Latest News

While registering our new 7thvision.AU domain name recently we thought we should pass on some information on the new extension and why we purchased ours. While we wouldn’t typically recommend buying up every variation of your domain/business name for the sake of it, there are a few reasons why you may want to consider this extension. Read more

We're Here ..... For You!

Posted: 26th March 2020

Posted in: Latest News

We want you to know that we are here and available to support you with any of your online requirements. Our team is working and will continue to do so both at the office and remotely as may be required. Read more

Have You Heard About GDPR?

Posted: 11th June 2018

Posted in: Latest News

You may have received information recently from Google or other providers regarding the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR). So, what is GDPR and is it something that you as an Australian business should be concerned about? Read more

Why Be Cautious Of WordPress Plugins?

Posted: 29th September 2017

Posted in: Latest News, Online Tips, Security

This article from Securi Blog is an excellent piece on why caution and investigation is so important when it comes to use of plugins on WordPress websites.  Read more

Tips On How To Avoid Phishing Campaigns

Posted: 23rd August 2017

Posted in: Latest News, Online Tips

Phishing is the term given to attempts by scammers to trick users into providing sensitive personal information such as usernames, passwords, banking/credit card information and other sensitive information with malicious intent. Read more

Why Should You Consider HTTPS?

Posted: 23rd August 2017

Posted in: Latest News

From October 2017, the web browser Chrome (version 62) will begin showing 'NOT SECURE' warning notifications to users when they enter text in any form that is one a HTTP website page.  Why is this important to your website? Read more

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